Wednesday, 19 December 2007

PC to TV Converter

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Youths of today are the main domain of entertainment. Based on studies, most of the youths we’re searching for entertainment. We rather be on ourselves in front of our PC or laptop rather than spend the whole day walking or strolling. We’ll enjoy more if we engage ourselves on our favorite shows or games. But watching movies or shows in solitude over our personal computers or laptop will be more fun if we can enjoy these movies or shows in a big screen. We can now watch in big screen without going to the theatres. How fun we’ll get if we have our favorite game or show in large screen plasma?

Using PC to TV converter ,we can have our favorite movie, show,games and the like from our PC or laptop on a TV and VGA monitor at the same time. These PC to TV converter does not require any additional software. Using the VGA cable, the VGA source will be connected to the converter. The converter will translate the VGA signal to be able to play on a television. Because the PC to TV converter is powered via USB, there is no need for any additional external power adapter. We can use this even in our laptop.

Other from the television or other secondary video source, we can still use our monitor in addition. We can now have a family reunion and spent time watching movies. No more worries that not everyone will enjoy because of the limited screen. It is a less expensive way of spending time with our family.

There are different PC to TV and TV to PC converters in the market. Some of these converters are Grand HV, Ultimate XP Pro, Grand Vision 2000 Pro and many more. Grand HV is a universal VGA to TV converter that does not require any additional software. Ultimate XP Pro is a universal video converter and supplied with remote control for presentations purposes. Grand Vision 2000 Pro is a TV to PC converter. It allows us to watch TV on our monitor without any additional software. For more converters, we can browse the internet or visit the nearest computer centers to inquire.

What can we find in the box if we bought a PC to TV converter? Here’s the checklist for package:

The PC to TV converter
• USB Power Cable
• Manual
• VGA cable and S-Video
• Composite Video Cables
But before we take any actions, we should first take into considerations all the requirements. Some of the prerequisites are VGA output from a PC television or other video monitor and DVD Burner if we want to burn the videos.

Where can we use this PC to TV converter? We can use it in work for presentation purposes, in school for our reports and even at home for the entertainment of the whole family. Having high technologies nowadays is a necessity especially in the business world. So don’t be left behind because tomorrow or the next day, we’ll found that we missed the benefits of technology.

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